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How to Set a Custom URL for Google Plus Profile

Since google does not currently allow custom URL for all its Google plus profiles, it sometimes becomes difficult to memorize any profile or page. Unlike facebook which lets anyone have their own username at the end of the URL eg www.facebook.com/techhapa with google plus you are automatically assigned a number as your ID at the end of your profile like https://plus.google.com/112477754807165762983. The only way to remember this would be either by bookmarking it or having a really great profile that is very visible in search. Google announced that they are introducing custom URL to a limited number of verified pages and profiles. this means we will have to wait longer until they decide to roll it out to everyone.

If you feel that you qualify for a custom URL for your page or blog you can apply and wait to see if you get approved or not. however there is a trick.


Gplus is a service that will shorten your google plus URL in to a clean and easy to remember link. to create your URL all you have to do is copy your profile ID, go to gplus and paste it on the ID box and then select a name that is easy to remember, then click on add and your new URL will appear, copy it and save it somewhere or paste it into you website.


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