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How To Improve your Blog Success with Google Anaylitics

The least productive use of your time would be to set up a new website on the Internet and then leave it to fend for itself. Sites invariably need to be monitored for maximum effectiveness. Knowing how consumers use your site will help you refine your online presence. A variety of Google Analytics tools can give you the power to track the statistics you need to do a better job of satisfying your website users.


Google Analytics offers basic reporting tools that deliver data commonly used by businesses to monitor their websites. Information that indicates how consumers are interacting with your site can be displayed in charts with a single click. Use Real-Time Reporting to learn exactly what is happening on your site at any moment you check it.


Visualization tools are available to let you virtually follow users around your website. See how they move from one page to another, which links they click and how long they spend on any of your pages. Charts are created to demonstrate these statistics so you can see the activity at a glance.

 Key Performance Indicators

Google Analytics lets you decide the goals of your business and gives you tools for monitoring those specific figures. The goal might be a certain number of visitors, a certain amount of time spent on the site by visitors, the number of return visitors, the number of contacts or sales and the rate of click-through to your ecommerce site or just about any measurable type of performance. Once you know how well you are meeting your goals, you can work on improving any problem areas on your site.

Comparing Visitor Segments

A visitor segment is one specific group of your website users who interact with your site. You might want to isolate all the visits that resulted in a sale for example. Then, you can identify other segments that do not seem to perform as well and compare the activities of the different groups or segments.


Google Analytics provides ways to share all the information you gain when you monitor your site. This is especially useful if you have a team working on the website and activities relating to the site. It is also helpful if an outside individual is collaborating with you to improve your performance or update your site.

In Google Analytics itself, there are even more ways to learn about your website performance. For further information and convenient applications, there are also several independent services that work with Google to provide you easy to understand statistics of your site. In today's market it is essential to have a website, and that website needs to be monitored to stay relevant to your users. Analytical information is an important key to improving your online presence

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