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How to easily Check Firefox Memory Usage

Just like any other common browser out there firefox might sometimes use more memory than it should.  in most cases this happens when you have multiple add-ons and themes running at the same time. This can cause your application to run slow and sometimes freeze and requires a restart.

To avoid this and make your firefox run smooth and fast there is an option in firefox which allows you to check which add-ons are eating up your memory. However this option is not all that user friendly and requires some bit of 'how to' knowledge to understand.

To get access to your memory in a more efficient and user friendly manner you will need to install another add on to help you, just go over to about: addons-memory download and install.

After installing just type about:addons-memory in the address bar and the memory used by each add-on will appear- no restart is needed after installing the app.

Note: The add-on memory app will work best with the latest version of firefox.

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