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10 Tips To Speed Up Your Computer

There are a lot of things that can bog down and slow the operation of your computer. Here are some common ways that you can speed up your system so that it runs faster.

Turning Off Anti-Virus Programs

Leave your Firewall on but turn off anti-virus programs if you're playing a game or working with an application that takes a lot of computer power.  The firewall is meant to protect you from online threats. Make sure you turn the virus protection back on when you're done. You'll definitely gain some computer speed with the virus program off.

Plug In Your Laptop

When you run your laptop off of the batter you don't get as much power from it. To get some computer speed back you should plug the laptop in when you're at home and not on the road somewhere.

Turning Off Programs You Don't need

When your computer starts up there may be several programs running that you never use. You can close these programs down to gain speed. When operating your computer normally, only run the programs you need, make sure you close everything else. The computer normally switches back and forth between programs and this slows it down.


Most computers have room for additional memory stick. you can add as much memory as your computer can hold. this will help you gain speed for games and application that require plenty of power such as video programs and photographs.

Scanning for viruses

Be sure to scan your computer for viruses, malware, and spyware often. You may have these malicious programs and not even know it. Removing them will speed up your computer and reduce problems with the system. Incase of serious infections a computer technician can help you.


Make sure your compute is regulary cleaned. The buildup of dust can easily slow down the entire system and even destroy some components. You can do this yourself or get a qualified technician do it for you. This should be a part of any maintenance plan for your computer.


Run the defrag program to speed up your hard disk. This can get rid of many problems on your system. You can do this on a regular basis to gain more speed.


Software programs come out with upgrades all the time to fix programs with software and install new features. With these new upgrades, programs can work better on your system and you can gain speed by using them so make sure you have all the upgrades for your software. This is important for the drivers of a video or sound card.

Watch For Error Messages

An error message means something isn't quite working the way it is supposed to. Try fixing these yourself but if you can't then see a technician. Errors can also slow the system down and cause more problems if you leave them without doing anything.

Check Connections

Sometimes a bad connection can cause problems. Make sure all the cords are working correctly and upgrade older cords if there's a need.  Check your Internet connection too to make sure you are getting a proper connection if it seems slow.

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