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How to Use the Font Pannel in OS X

The Font panel in OS X offers a standard interface where users can format font characters in a document. Although some programs such as microsoft office have inbuilt font editors of their own many other text programs on your Mac use the font panel as their standard font editing tool.

The font pannel is very basic, you cant go wrong with not unless you have never used a computer in your life before. it simply works by selecting the text you want to edit and choosing which type of font to use, color and size.

The font panel has four categories, Collection, Family, Typefaces and Sizes. Apart from these four categories, you can also use other features on the effects bar which lets you set styles like strikethroughs, underscore, font color and so on.

How to Launch the Font Panel

Open the text program you wish to use, in this case we will use the text edit.
to open textedit go to Finder-Applications and you will see it.

Launch text edit

While on screen press Command-T to launch TextEdit, or click on format- font-show fonts

Now you can customize your text as you wish

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