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How To Organize Windows 8 Tiles

Windows 8, which the latest operating system from Microsoft, is said to be the coolest of all. it brings in a combination of laptop, desktop and tablet operating system that is also compatible with touch-only tablets.

One of the most noticeable changes in the new windows 8 is the metro-style user interface or smart screen, which loads up live tiles and lets you get a quick access to different parts of your computer or internet services.

With Metro-style user interface or smart Start, the screen loads up live tiles which give you access your emails, read social networking updates on Facebook, Twitter etc. and update your status right there, chat with friends or colleagues using Messenger, checking weather and other favorite news, play games, browse the web, capture images with camera, find locations using Maps apps and do lots of things right from your computer without having to go here and there and using your Smartphone or tablet. Makes a big different doesn't it?

With so many live tiles and lots of stuff explore, there occurs the need to stay organized. If you download and install more apps and programs, the Start screen will become jumbled. Thus you will need to organize your live tiles so that you can access your apps, programs, news & views, and settings etc. with ease and breeze. After all Windows 8 was designed keeping a user's convenience in mind.

if you just using the default start screen you can simply swap the tiles as desired to stay organized, however if you want to add more shortcuts you can create a group where you can add the apps according to your work flow. To do so, click a tile, hold and then drag it to the empty space on the screen. Wait until the gray bar appears while you are dragging the tile. Release the tile in the empty space when the gray bar appears. Repeat this procedure for other tiles also.

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