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Advantages of VMware Hosted Environment

VMware vSphere is considered to be one of the best solution for virtualization and cloud computing. it has the ability to take your Cloud computing to a new level, VMware vSphere is also capable of making your virtual machine work better for you, and your company, to help your business succeed. There are a multiple advantages to implementing VMware vSphere on your virtual hosted environment. look closely at some of the following advantages and then consult with your Cloud virtual machine hosting company about whether VMware is the right solution for your company's virtualization needs.


VMware products deliver a full spectrum management system for your Cloud virtual machine. At this point, they are always thought of as something of a gold standard in the virtual machine tech sphere. Founded back in 1998, VMware has survived the tides of changing technology and has led the industry with its unique products. With this proven track record, they continue to be the leader in the field of virtualization, which can help your company as it expands into the virtual realm.

Corporate User Base

Across the world, VMware has been adopted by a vast majority of companies due to its superior usability and proven record. 100% of both Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 100 companies have integrated VMware technology into their IT infrastructure. In addition, most VMware users report a high ROI within the first year of use. This proven record with the most powerful companies in the world means that a VMware hosted environment can help to improve your company's virtual machine manageability and profitability.

Higher Availability

One of the greatest benefits to the VMware vSphere infrastructure is High Availability. High Availability helps to manage your virtual machine's availability independently of both the software and hardware layer. Because your VM could be operating complex processes simultaneously, it's essential to have a smooth operation for all of your remote users. High Availability provides your company's Cloud machine with the protection it needs to avoid both hardware and operating system failures.

Ability to Move Virtual Machine Images

VMware vSphere is very open, which lets you to import and export your Virtual Machine's image from your local environment, to and from the cloud, without having to rebuild or set up the environment. This allows you the freedom to move systems where they are best suited, and it also prevents wasting time trying to continually set up software and make configuration changes within a server. The ability to move VM images to the cloud and back again with ease means that your company is never locked into a specific cloud vendor, and allows your private cloud to become elastic to a public cloud.

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