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Top 5 Cheapest Mobile Phones in Kenya - September 2012

We are almost tired of CCK's advertisements that all counterfeit handsets will be switched on 30th September, with only 3 days left,  we are now waiting to see what happens to 2.5 million fake handsets in Kenya. if you own one of those so called "China Phones" then get prepared because the wrath of CCK is just about to fall upon you. In their warning adverts they have reiterated that there will be no deadlines extensions since they have given enough time.

If you have an original phone, then good for you, but for those that fall on the wrong side of the divide, you might wanna think of what you are going to do when your handset suddenly goes dead.

With these hash economic times, buying a new and latest handset seems to be a challenge for many. as an alternative you might want to get a new 'crappy' phone while you are still budgeting for a good one. Here are top 5 cheapest phones that you can include in your groceries budget.

1.  Samsung B139
Samsung B139

Normal Price:                 Kshs 999-1500/-
At Orange Kenya            Kshs 499/-


• FM radio
• Long life battery
• 300 phonebook entries
• Polyphonic ringtones

2. Samsung B510
Samsung B510

Normal Price           Kshs  1299-1999/- 
At Orange Kenya   Kshs 499/-


 Colour display
 FM radio
 5000 phonebook entries
 Vibration + polyphonic ringtones

3. ZTE S309

ZTE S309

Normal price           Kshs1299/-
At Orange Kenya   Kshs  599/-

Large comfortable keypad
FM radio
100 phonebook entries
Vibrate Alert
64 polyphonic ringtones              

4. Samsung E1070

Normal price          Kshs 1399-1600/- 
At Orange Kenya   Kshs 499/-


Color display
200 phone book entries
vibration alert
polyphonic ringtones

5. Motorola W180

Normal price           Kshs 999-1500/- 
At Orange Kenya   Kshs 499/-

FM radio
polyphonic ringtones
vibrate alert
500 o

Note: Some of the phones listed are exclusevely from orange shop and it might difficult to find them anywhere else around the country.

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