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10 Tools To Help You Create Inforgraphics

Have you seen some colorful infographics and wondered how they are made? It is very simple; you can make your own in less than 10 minutes. Infographics are visual representation of data, research information etc. that help to simplify and pass complex information in a graphical visual presentation which makes it easier and quicker for us to understand.

Most of us will at some point in our lives require infographics, whether it is at school or work, it can be a great way of analyzing or presenting information.

Designing an infographic without relevant skills can be challenging, first you need to have basic design knowledge and second you need to spend a few hours doing it. But with the advancement of new technology, there are many new online tools that can help you make one quickly.

Here is a list of free tools that will easily help you make an infographic.

What about Me?
Many eyes
Stat silk

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