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Top 5 best free cloud storages

Cloud storage has over the past few years changed the way individuals and companies work, cloud storage which just a part of loud computing, allows you to store your data over a network of online servers and be able to access it anywhere in the world.

From my personal experience, I would advice anyone to use cloud storage for even their most sensitive documents, since cloud storage has proven to be safer than a personal computer.

Simply think of situation where your iPad or a laptop with all your personal information is lost. Anyone can easily retrieve all the information from your hard disk in a just matter of minutes.

While most online storage companies have a security guarantee, it is also important to take care of your account by logging out after use and changing your password at least every month. Enough with the security issues, here are 5 best online storages that give you a few GBs

1. Sugar Sync

Free storage: upto 5GB
Excellent value online storage with a huge array of features
File sync and backup for all your desktop, laptop and mobile devices
Get your own personal cloud!
Automatically create photo albums from photos you upload
Easily share your files with anyone across the web
Stream music and videos from your cloud to your mobile device
Easily restore all of your files if your computer crashes
Previous 5 versions of every file are kept
Mobile apps available for all popular mobile devices
Continuously back up files in real time to secure cloud storage
Set storage limits per user
Share folders and files with password protection and permissions
Access your files from the web or mobile devices
Ideal for business or personal users
Secure data centers and transport layer security whenever you access files
Free customer phone support
Compatible with PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Blackberry

2. Dropbox

Great looking, easy to use and free online storage service
Well designed and simple to use user interface
Edit files in your Dropbox from your mobile phone
Create photo galleries viewable by anyone you choose
Access your files from any web browser through the secure web site
Set up shared folders so you can collaborate online
Share files with family and friends by sending them a link to your Dropbox
Works even when offline and you don't have an internet connection
Uploads just the changes to your files to minimize the bandwidth used
Manually set bandwidth limits to avoid slowing your connection with big uploads
One month history of your files kept - undelete files if you make a mistake
iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile apps available
Secure file transfers and data centers
Easily upload photos and videos from your mobile device
Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
Upto 5 GB free storage

3. Box.net

Up to 5GB of free storage
Very high quality online storage and syncing solution with enterprise features
Great looking web interface to manage your files
Send links out to share files with your family and friends at the click of a button
Access your files on the move with a range of mobile apps
Keep files on your desktop synced with Box
View files in a web browser wherever you are
Full text search of your files (Business Packages Only)
Role based access (Business Packages Only)
Track download stats (Business Packages Only)
Document version history (Business Packages Only)
Encrypted storage and transfer controls (Enterprise Packages Only)
Easily collaborate with colleagues or friends
Variety of different enterprise solutions
Integrates with a variety of applications and web services
Compatible with Windows and Mac

4. Idrive

Easy to use and fully featured online backup service
Share your files with family and friends by automatically emailing out links
Automatically backs up the most common folders where important files are kept
2 clicks to start protecting critical data
30 previous versions of every file are kept without adding to your storage limit
Access data from your iPhone or Android mobile device
Only stores the changes in files to minimize the bandwidth used
Nothing is ever deleted from your iDrive unless you explicitly say so
iDrive explorer lets you drag and drop files directly from your desktop
Restore your data quickly and effectively if things go wrong
Web admin panel to handle user accounts and other settings
Intelligent bandwidth control realizes when you are using your connection and slows down transfers
Secure SSL encryption on file transfers and encrypted storage
Windows and Mac compatible

5. storegate

Basic online storage and backup service
Access your files from anywhere through a web browser
Online hard drive to store any type of file you like
Wireless backup of your phone's calendar and contacts
Easily create web albums from folders full of photos
Share folders with family and friends across the web
Automatic online backup every day
SSL on all file transfers and encrypted storage
iPhone and Android apps available
Compatible with Windows based PCs only


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