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Adding Google site map to your blogger blog

For websites to be crawled effectively, it is essential for all website and blogs to have a sight map. Sitemaps are basically ways to inform search engines about pages in your site that are available for crawling.

Most hosting platforms like wordpress provide you with a plug-in to create and submit sitemaps. But the problem with blogger blogs, both self hosted (.com) domains and free hosted domain (blogspot.com) can only have a few recent posts in their xml site map.

In order to generate a site map and completely expose your blogger blog to search engines.

1. Go to Sitemap Generator and write the full address of your blog.

2. click the ‘create sitemap’  button

3. Copy the entire generated text

4. Go to blogger and sign in, go to dashboard-setting-search preference- custom robot.txt

5. Click yes on enable custom robot and paste the sitemap and save.

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