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Successful Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one great way of directing traffic to your website. This term comes with several definitions but in this context, I will define it from online marketing point of view.

Viral marketing concept is likened to the sinister virus that creeps, transforms and takes advantage of available resource till it wins by exponentially increasing its wit.  This powerful marketing technique  is also known as social media marketing, viral advertising or word of mouth.

Viral marketing can be defined as Internet content  in the form of email, video, photo, link, ad etc that  strikes  consumers attention when passed from one internet user to another.  This kind of content is then forwarded and posted on social networking sites and eventually linked to. Just like a virus, it spreads fast to different corners of the world and changes businesses overnight.

Since viral marketing is all about content marketing, the content writer must give value to the designated consumers. This means content that content must be absolutely compelling for it to go viral easily. There are specific types of content that consumers find appealing, these include;

Lists - A good number of people love lists most probably because they are easy to download and share too.

Quizzes - Quizzes are amazingly interactive. They present a clear learning opportunity.  They are quite hilarious and informative at he same time.

Videos - A funny but informative video is likely to go viral faster than any other content.  It's just a matter of getting to know the needs of your consumers and come up with a heart wrenching video.

 Graphics - Animations and photography are also among the preferred viral images. They do not only describe the idea vividly but they are hilarious and they trigger the audience to act.

Inspirational Stories - These kind of stories are in most cases life lessons, crafted carefully and they easily capture the public at large hence generously shared.

Controversial blog posts stir Peoples minds and make them want to have their point of view aired. It's as easy as letting the public come up with a free report and discuss it on your blog.

Using freebies is another great way of going viral.  People love free things.  For example try giving away a notepad and word will spread like wild bush fire.  Your blog will instantly receive unimaginable traffic and links.

The other best form of free internet marketing is by word of mouth.  This is best done when one visitor seconds your product to another by using the “Tell A Friend" or “Share This" button on your website. Having these buttons on every page of your website lets  your visitors post and link on their desired networking sites.  A thank you message usually follows a successful submission.

Conclusively, viral marketing is great in the sense that nothing much is required on your side. You only need to have valuable content that is fit enough to pass around. Then do not forget to carry out an analysis on the results of your marketing strategy.  This goes along way in enhancing performance of the marketing campaign.  Bear in mind that an excellent viral message can carry on for years.

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