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Chip could let Smartphone users see through walls

Smartphones could soon have x-ray capabilities, allowing you to see through clothing, walls, boxes and other opaque objects.

Scientists at the university of Texas in Dallas have invented an image chip that can transform Smart phones into devices that can see through objects. The technology which is based on the electromagnetic spectrum, uses terahertz waves to take images.

According to Dr. Kenneth O, a professor of electrical engineering at UT Dallas and director of the Texas analog center of excellence, the device is capable of seeing through dry walls and cupboards if held within 10 centimeters of an object.

Since privacy is the major concern here, according to Dr. O, the device is only capable of seeing through objects at close range and has some limitations- for instance it has trouble penetrating through metal. but who says it cant be hacked?

Nonetheless, the technology is cool and can be very useful in businesses and an government agencies and some medical imaging procedures.

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