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Sparrow for iPhone: iPhone emailing just got better

IPhone users will now have a variety of email clients to choose from with the launch of Sparrow email client for iPhone. From my own experience in using the desktop version, I expect a healthy competition with the iPhone’s built in mail.app which has in some versions reported some slight errors.

Except it lack of iOS and support for the landscape mode which might reduce our level of excitement, it still has a lot of features that will make emailing a lot easier and fun.

When it comes to day to day emailing you will surprised to note that most people who email don’t even care about most of the so called advanced features, from my experience, most people are only interested in simple features like attaching and downloading files and photos, simple fonts, group emailing and so forth, which are all included in the this new app.
Some of the cool features that the sparrow for iPhone has include, panel navigation-first introduced by Facebook, it allows a user to open and dismiss panels with a tap on a button. It also includes attaching files on emails, fast email searching and blocking remote images.

We can’t predict that Sparrow will make it big in the iPhone market, but it will definitely bring in huge changes to iPhone emailing.

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