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PowerMonkey Chargers

With the growth of portable devices, carrying a charger around has become a normal practice. since almost every building or a park that we visit is hooked up to electricity, it relieves the worry of having a backup battery. Even the worst of batteries can at least carry its duties before we reach another recharging point. but have you ever thought of the word "stranded" applying to you, well try going on a Safari in Africa or a weekend hideout camp without some backup solar charger  and you will see what happens.

By now you must have noticed that most of the 'cool' devices these days don't hold power for a long time, especially if the owner is a geek. From my experience, the longest i have used an iPhone without asking for more juice is 15 hours, of cause time varies depending with what you are doing. If you have a family then the need increases, nowadays kids just wont go anywhere without their video games or some sot of electric device.

PowerMonkey chargers are ideal gadgets for a Safari,camping or a road trip, especially to areas where constant electric power supply is not guaranteed. for example in Africa, some places go without electricity for up to a week due to simple electrical faults, and owning one of these chargers may not be seen as  luxury but a need.

There are two kinds of PowerMonkey chargers, the solar powered and the mains powered and whatever your preference may be, all devices come complete with all kinds of adapters which can hook up any device imaginable. the mains charged ones have universal adapters that can be used in more than 150 countries.

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