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CamVerse: Make your own tutorial videos

CamVerce offers the easiest way you can create  professional presentations,tutorials, demos and video lectures.

It has five main features that you can launch from one window, this includes recording the computer's current screen,drawing on screen while recording, editing, exporting exporting and playing interactive files to make it more involving.

Camverce Applications

- CamVerce Launcher
  Launcher allows users to utilize all CamVerce applications from a single window. 
- CamVerce Recorder
   Recorder allows users to record computer screen, videos screen and computer screen as slides. 
  This application can be also stated from CamVerce Launcher under Record tab.
- CamVerce Studio
  Studio is for editing videos users created with CamVerce Recorder. Users can add various 
  objects to CamVerce videos and edit frames. Please note that AVI files created using Recorder 
  cannot be edited. 
- CamVerce Player
  Player can play videos created from CamVerce Recorder. This Player can play EMM file format 
  (CamVerce Recorder file) and EMX file format (converted through CamVerce Converter). This 
  won’t play AVI file format.
- CamVerce Converter
  This application converts CamVerce Recorder project files or CamVerce Studio project files into 
  various formats such as  EMX, EXE,SWF,AVI,ASF,WMV,MOV,RM,HTML,DOC and PPT                
- CamVerce Update
  This application automatically updates your CamVerce up to date.   

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