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Facebook Mobile Notification in Kenya

Unfortunately, the Facebook mobile notification has not yet been rolled out in Kenya, in Africa, only about 10 countries enjoy this service. the company is slowly rolling it out and hopefully by the end of 2011 we will have it; here is how to set it up

1. Sign in to your Facebook account

2. Go to account at the top right of the page, click account settings

3. This will take you to the account editing page, click on notifications and an option will
appear asking you to 'send notification to; email or phone via SMS

4. Click on phone, select your country and the mobile carrier/network. an activation box
will appear and you will be asked to text a letter (F) to a number that will be provided
for example 325 from your phone and you will receive a code, enter the code which
would have been sent to your phone.

its active and you are ready to go!

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