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Pasha Project; Will it Work?

The first time i heard of 'pasha' was from a friend back in 2009, an advertisement published on the news paper was all it took for my friend to get interested in the project, at first it was to be a training and then it was a business then a sort of a government project and so it went on as he came to fully understand what it was.

The digital village project (pasha project) is a set of digital centers that will provide services to the public via computers connected to the internet, digital cameras,printers,fax machines and other communication infrastructure (ICT board).
From the Mwananchi's little understanding of this project; the long queues at the Sheria house and a few other government registration centers might a thing of the past, since the project is part of the government's plan to digitalize its services.
The project is also going to help with computer literacy, as it stand Kenya is one of the countries where  almost half of the population still live under a dollar per day and affording computer services let alone owning one is but a dream.
With the project beneficiaries being the common people both the entrepreneurs and users of these centers, there is still doubts as to whether these centers will actually run as they are intended to and bring the revenue back to the government for the revolving process to take place and others to benefit.

If all goes well the project will open new opportunities for Kenyans to access information   to such things as jobs,investment ideas, trends in the current market and so on.
we just hope the people in charge will set and enforce good policies that will see this project through.

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