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Safaricom Credit Services tricks

Am sure guys would want to quickly open this to see how they can go making free calls, well, it might not be what you are exactly thinking of but its close to that, probably you have heard a friend telling you how they have tried a random credit top up number and it worked, well good for them, i will discuss that later in my upcoming articles. After getting a beating from zain a few months ago, safaricom decided to come up with a new market strategy to try and get in the competition, they launched new calling rates which works according to the amount you top up.

for example topping up with 100 credit will let you call for as low as 2 per minute. this is actually the lowest calling rate in Kenya. the question posted by many is, were they prepared for this? maybe not. but am 100% sure that Safaricom haven't been aware of the new tricks that people do. i was surprised to find that people actually end up calling for 2 per minute "forever". when you load your phone with 100 bob, you are automatically switched and you start using 2 per minute, when you load with a different amount you are switched to another calling rate, but if you use the sambaza method and let someone else top your number, you will continue using the same calling rate as long as you don't top up directly...Genius! but before safaricom realizes this everyone will continue to enjoy the "lowest calling rates in town"

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