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Cloud Computing

This is internet based computing where shared recourses, information and software is provided to computers and other devices on demand, a cloud can be privates or public, a public cloud sells services to anyone on the internet while a private cloud is a proprietary network that supplies hosted services to a limited number of  people. the goal of cloud computing is to provide easy scalable to computing resources and IT services.
Cloud computing services are generally divided into three categories 1. Infrastructure
2. Platform
3. Software

Provides virtual server instances with unique IP address and blocks of storage on demand, customers use the  providers application program interface (API) to start, stop, access and configure their virtual services and storage. in the enterprise, cloud computing allows a company to pay for only as much as capacity as is needed.

Platform (as a service)
This is defined as a set of softwares and product development tools hosted on the providers infrastructure. developers create applications on the providers platform over the internet. Google Apps is an example of platform (as a service)


Here, the vendor supplies the hardware infrastructure, the software interacts with the user through the front end portal this for of cloud computing is a very broad market.services can be fro web based email to inventory control and  database controlling

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