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Removing PC DM files

last week it costed one of my friends about Kshs.5000 just to fix his PC. As i went over to get more of what was happening, he told me that the problem was with some kind of virus appearing as PC DM files which was multiplying every second. i immediately knew that he has been cought in one of those traps that most of us wouldn't want to be in. apparently most common PC users have no in depth knowledge about common viruses. so i decided to publish this simple article on how to remove this simple but yet harmful virus. this is what to do when you find out some sot of behavior associated with PCDM in your PC.
Most of these file are usually hosted by mobile phones, trace if you have connected your computer to a phone or other device through a USB or Bluetooth.if no history of such, it might through a file downloaded from  the internet or through  an insecure browser.
i would suggest first getting a separate virus removal tool like Kaspersky virus removal tool 2010. or any other depending on your choice.Note that virus removal tool is separate from an anti virus. make sure that the anti virus is not currently installed (most antivirus might not be able to detect these type of files as they dont appear like viruses) run the tool and then install the antivirus.
if the problem persist, try creating a backup then formating the drive which contains this virus.

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